Our Story

who are we?

We are a group of thinkers and doers whose vision is founded on our mutual love for fitness, style, and minimalism - and we are here to change the way people move.


This is the fabric of our culture and the framework behind the decisions we make. Heads up, they tend to be contagious.


We lift up and empower our community through a great sense of belonging, ongoing support, embracing vulnerabilities, and simply by being kind to one another.


We are strong advocates for healthy, well-balanced, and active lifestyles. We are firm believers that health is the precursor of everything we do. Good Health = Good Time!


Our ability to adapt is our "X-Factor". We intend to harness this uniqueness in a way that ensures we present the best versions of ourselves everyday.


Every stroke of inspiration starts with a problem. For us, it was the constant struggle between our pursuit of self-improvement with the help of fitness accessories or apparel and to do it well with a smidgen of fabulosity and elegance.

Enter the red-hot athleisure trend where fitness and fashion have been blended in a game-changing way that has altered the wellness industry forever. However, we noticed the focus has largely been on apparel and little has been done for fitness accessories to-date.

We want to show that aesthetics and effectiveness do not need to be mutually exclusive. Our products are driven by our passion to develop functional but modernized fitness accessories designed to help people achieve exceptional fitness goals.


We saw this as a burgeoning opportunity to modernize gym accessories where one can lap up the best of both Fashion and Fitness worlds, which led to the eventual birth of a phenomenon - our LIF. Active products. Not only do they provide that "oomph" satisfaction to your daily routine, they also function as stylish accessories designed to complete your two-piece workout ensemble.

Yes, to all you guys and gals who own a matchy-matchy workout set for every day of the week - we hear you and have hopefully provided what seems to be the missing piece to your beautiful outfit puzzle.

From this simple imperative, LIF. Active has allowed us to embark on this exciting journey to create products driven by functionality and athleisure aesthetics.

be your best.


Our ultimate goal is to inspire the spirit of challenge and help people unlock fitness goals through meaningful innovation.

We recognise that the fitness journey is often perceived as isolated and daunting, especially if embarked alone. However, it doesn’t need to be. Here at LIF. Active, we strive to create a vibrant and supportive fitness community where our members band together to tackle challenges and achieve fitness aspirations.

You are what you allow yourself to be. At the end of the day, just remember that we are only human - constantly evolving and self-improving humans. We are learning. We are growing. It’s fine. We are all works in progress.

We define ourselves by our actions. With each decision, we tell ourselves and the world who we are. Sometimes, you just need to push yourself a little bit further - never ever say the sky’s the limit. Just remember to be yourself, but be your best self.

With Love,
Your LIFamily

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